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Fighting Indians Band Boosters General Band and Flag Corps Scholarship

The general purpose of this scholarship is to assist deserving band students who will be attending college, but not as music majors, with tuition and/or campus living expenses.   Scholarship(s) will be awarded provided funds are available.
Selection Criteria

Applicant must be a senior member of the VBHS Band/Flag Corps in good standing and have been a full time participant in the band for four continuous years;
Applicant must be accepted to a college for the upcoming fall semester.
Applicant must have a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or better (un-weighted);
One letter of Recommendation from a member of the community;
Copy of high school transcript;
One letter of Recommendation from a member of the faculty other than the band directors/flag instructor;
Applicant must attend an interview with the selection committee;
Applicant must submit the official scholarship application in its entirety by the stated deadline.   This application must be notarized.
Application Requirements

Personal resume of all high school and community activities.  Include positions held, honors won, and volunteer service;

A typed essay in the following format must be included...
    Paragraph 1 - What you have contributed to the VBHS Band;
    Paragraph 2 - What you have gained from band participation;
    Paragraph 3 - How will your experience in the band help you to
  Achieve your future goals
    Paragraph 4 - Close with any comments relating to you ambitions
  after college and how you hope to attain these goals, and why you should be considered for this scholarship;

A completed student evaluation from to be submitted to the band director and filled out by the band director/flag instructor must be provided to the committee in a confidential sealed envelope.
Rules of Payment
Payment will be made directly to the college.  Payments will not be paid directly to the recipient.   One half payments will be paid per semester through the financial aid office of the college.   Failure of the recipient to enroll or attend college as an instrumental music major or at least as a participant in a college band program shall constitute forfeiture of the scholarship. The scholarship is not renewable.
Source of Funding
Funds for this scholarship will be provided as a regular budget item by the Fighting Indians Band Boosters, Inc. provided funds are available.  The amount of this scholarship shall be no less than $500.00 per person.  The Board of Directors of the Fighting Indians Band Boosters, Inc will determine the number of scholarships awarded in a given year.
Selection Committee
The selection committee shall consist of three members who will determine the student(s) who shall receive the scholarship award(s).   The members of this committee will be appointed by the Board of Directors of the Fighting Indians Band Boosters, Inc. and will be, in as far as possible, impartial members of the community with no known conflict of interest as follows:

A former band parent or alumnus of the Vero Beach High School Band who is at least three years removed from the program.

A knowledgeable educator with a music background.

A member of the community with a business or professional background.
Selection committee members shall serve until their resignation or until their successor is appointed by the Board of Directors of the Fighting Indians Band Boosters, Inc.   The selection committee shall be empowered to make the final selection of the scholarship recipient(s).   At the discretion of the selection committee, the scholarship may not be awarded in a given year if no applicants meet the requirements.   Also, at their discretion, the selection committee may reduce the number of scholarships awarded due to lack of qualified applicants.
Submission of Application
All applications must be sent directly to the organization. Applicant must submit the official scholarship application in its entirety by the stated  deadline of July 16, 2013.    Applications received after the due date will not be considered.
Awarding of Scholarship
Scholarships will be awarded at the annual VBHS Awards Night.   Recipients will be notified in advance to be present for the presentation.
Other Provisions
All Applications, deliberations of the committee, communications, and records of the selection committee are strictly confidential including the evaluation of the band director provided to the committee.

Funds may be withheld if it is determined that the student has misrepresented him/her self in any way to the selection committee or if the funds are misappropriated.

Due on July 16, 2013.

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